Photo Collection from 1971

Thanks to Pete Williams for these
 Obviously we start with some pictures from the bar
Dave Wilkins, Chris Way 
and Taffy Thomas just rushing out of shot
  Clearly a "circle"
Dave Wilkins raising a "point of order"
 Now some Study (?) bedrooms
Vijay demonstrating his dance moves   Pasty and Neil Blewitt "working?"
 Roger Herd - obviously a staged shot, with books  Gary Wills & Mark Edwards
 Rich Heale Mark Edwards & Bill Lacey
Pete Williams after a day at College  Pete, now refreshed after sleep (another staged shot)
 Dave Wilkins having completed an assignment Mark Edwards can't believe Dave has done any work
 Now the gardens - this group from Pete Williams
 Some photos from Roger Dickson

 Outdoor Advetures
 Roger Herd - just posing Dave again - Resting!"
Dave in ralaxed mode   Dave in motion
A typical Dave activity   Dave and Pete Williams off on a trek
Dave showing his camping skills