Dimple mugThe “Killerton Grip” - a bit likethe Masonic hand-shake is recognised by ex-Killertonions where they drink.

All beers in the Killerton bar were served in pint dimple mugs.

All members of Killerton were introduced to Correct drinking etiquette from day one of ther residence.

In order to gain acceptance to be "allowed" to drink in theKillerton Bar all Killertonions were expected to hold the glass correctly.Killerton Grip

These pint dimple mugs needed to be grasped firmly – and correctly! The standard grip meant holding the body of the glass in the hand with the middle two fingers placed through the jug handle and the index finger and pinky finger extended.                    

Failure to observe this guideline would result in the offender being obliged to pay a forfeit, usually “drink a dimple”! Indeed, the standard unit of "drink a dimple" was the basic cost for a mistake in the many bar games played in the bar.