Bar Games - or "Make a Circle!"




An evening in the bar could often be just a place to have a quiet drink and a chat. Sometimes, if more than half a dozen or so people got together, these quiet evening developed (degenerated) into a "games" evening. A "circle" would form, a chairman would be nominated and the games would start!

Buzz, Fizz Buzz, Heigh Ho, Click clack, Names of, Bunny rabbits, etc ....

Anyone passing the bar would first look in to see what the noise was. Probably wander in for a drink - just to observe. Then usually they would be "invited" to join the circle. The temptation was invariably too great to resist. 

Sometimes games evenings were planned in advance, in which case the circle would be made up of 20 to 30 people crowded around the tables.

Drinks would be drunk, games played, mistakes made and penalties paid.