9th April 2021


Mention of music seems to have triggered a lot of memories. Apart from the ones highlighted on the posters I include last time, a few people have got back to me to tell of the bands they recall seeing whilst at Luke's.

I have started a page on the website listing what we have so far but would welcome more.

I haven'r received any further names to add to my Rolle marital list, If you know of any other ex-Killertonions who married girlfriends from Rolle College, can you drop me a line.

   Steve Hatton (1970) Chris Horner

   Richard Heale (1970): Christine Hudson (15years)

   George Burford (1966): Elaine Small – raffle prize

   Ian Jones (1965: Liz

   Tony Clarke (1966): Eileen

   Ian Godwin (1971): Lynne

   Frank Curnow (1966) Jane Bee

   Tim Dunsby (1966) Linda Goodenough

The Folk Club at Killerton was clearly very active in te 60's though it's popularity waned in the 70s as discos became more poular.

Information about the Killerton Mountain Boys Jug Band has been flowing in. I now have a more complete list of members - clearly the membership changes as availability altered:

  •    George Burford – Harminaca
  •    Tony Clarke – Kazoo
  •    Paul Edginton
  •    Eric Morse
  •    Dave Treharne – 12 String guitar
  •    Haden Donovan
  •    Chris Davies – Jug (oil can)
  •    Ian Jones - Washboard
  •    Pete Holman – guitar

Tony Clarke found this, a cover to a folk magazinr published in 1967. The magazine included an article written by Dave Treharne



As mentioned in Dave's article, other groups playing at the events included TheThree Bears, comprising:

  •     Frank “Bear” Curnow
  •    George Burford or Gordon Fulfit
  •    Tony Clarke – Vocal then guitar

Another, the St James Infirmary blues:

  •    Dave Treharne
  •    Pete Holman

Dave clearly continued his music activities after leaving Killerton (as he does to this day with Exeter Community Radio). The image below is taken from the Rolle College Facebook page and shows DaveTreharne, John Kenward and Ian Hay busking in Exmouth High Street. Dave was living in Exmouth at the time and working at Exmouth Comprehensive.