Zoom meeting Monday 12th May

Here’s an update following last week’s Zoom meeting. Once again, an entertaining session and few more gems recovered from memories jogged by conversations about the past.

The list of bands that were heard during the Luke’s years were added to with people recalling they’d watched Lindisfarne and Adge Cutler and the Wurzels performing. These names have been added to the bands page on the website. If anyone can recall any other bands – and where and when – it would be good to hear.

Sport and the involvement of our senior members whilst at Killerton was a topic that was raised. The teams that Killerton put out in the middle years is touched upon in the Sporting Tales page on the website but earlier stories of participation is sparse. Derek revealed he played football at Killerton mainly against local village teams though he also played fairly regularly for Broadclyst FC.

Ian Jones made the most of Wednesday sports afternoon exercising at Edie’s in Bradnitch, and Murray confessed that he had played at least one game of football whilst at Killerton.

From later years, Mike Ashwell has sent me copies of photos of the rugby and the football teams from 75/76. Apparently, the rugby team were playing the College Drama Department (Wikipedia would add: “needs citation” so any offers?)

On college life, Derek recalls that when he started at St Luke's in 1962, Saturday morning lectures were the norm and timetabled. Ian explained that the BEd was introduced to the College in ’66 – and that starting pay for a CertEd Teacher in ’68 was an eye watering £910pa.

Hospitality was by-word for Killerton and the Sunday lunchtime sherry with Sir Richard and Lady Anne prior to dinner was a regular feature of early days. It has been revealed that the sherry was provided from a cask (rather than bottles – I guess this means that Sir Richard was buying in bulk). As is the norm on such occasions inevitably a challenge evolved and one such challenge was to see who could have the most glasses of sherry. Apparently the record stands at 10 – I think by Ian Jones – but I was not taking accurate notes at that point in the meeting so happy to be corrected.

Often guests would be invited to join the House for Sunday lunch. This became a regular occurrence in the Jack Goodall years. One such occasion in ‘66, the Minister for Health - Kenneth Robinson was invited by Sir Richard. To the amusement of many, Kenneth Robinson was a very heavy smoker.

Tales of Sir Richard abound, especially his tolerance for disturbances late at night. Eric Morse playing the piano in the music room late one evening to accompany a late-night drinking session. Eventually Dickie came down to “complain”. The contrite party apologised profusely and offered him a night cap, which of course, Dickie accepted. Much, much later Lady Anne arrived recover Dickie and to close the party.

Sociability was not limited to the House and the Killerton Bar. The pub at Bradnich - officially “Ye Olde White Lion”, or more commonly “Edie’s” was a regular haunt for Killertonions looking for a (cheap) night out. The piano there was a magnet for entertainers happy to stroke the tobacco-stained ivories on the off-chance of being looked after with a free pint or two. Chris Davis of The Killerton Mountain Boys Jug Band fame was frequently enticed to play there. On one such occasion, the drinks were even more plentiful than normal but unfortunately Chris was driving. On the way back to Killerton he parked his car very firmly in a grass bank, writing-off the car and throwing Haden Donovon through windscreen. Fortunately, both survived the experience. This course of events was repeated a few years later when Liverpudlian Steve Owens manages to repeat the story, writing off his own car, resulting with him ending with a night in hospital with minor cuts and bruises.

This brought on the topic of cars and Ian Jones – holder of the Killerton-to-Rolle Record: 17miles in 17minutes, recalls his fleet. His first car whilst at Killerton was a Renault 750. He managed to turn the Renault over on the back road on his on his way home from College one evening – allegedly sober! He called on some of the members of the rugby team to come and help him right-it.

Later, he progressed to an Austin Somerset and later Mk1 Zodiac - photos here are not the actual cars.








It was revealled that Dave Treharne was the owner of “a van” – sounds suspicious so we look forward to more details and possibly stories.

Arrangements are going ahead for the Cricket Weekend with Broadclyst CC.

As mentioned previously, some of us are already booking into the Premier Inn in Exeter fr the Saturday and Sunday evening. It is the "Exeter (M5 J29)" - Fitzroy Road, EX1 3LJ. It is just off the M5 motorway.

John Morgan is keen to hear from people who are hopeful to be selected for the team, esp with interested and available cricketing sons or grandsons (or even friends of). Tom Healy is planning to bring his grandson along. There are rumours of others being available.

On the subject of meetings, we are floating the idea of a get-together at Killerton in the latter part of September. Nothing firm yet, but I will send details as they develop.

And finally, those few, those luck few who were on the Zoom call last week and who were able to stay to the end, were treated to a rendition of The Killerton Mountain Boys Jug Band’s theme song by band members Paul Egerton on guitar, Ian Jones on improvised washboard (wicker basket) and Tony Clarke on vocals. A brilliant end to the meeting!