Killerton Old Boys

Zoom Meeting Reminder

31st March 2021



Once again I must thank all those who sent me messages following my last outpouring.

A few additions and corrections to pages on the website for which I am extremely grateful. I think I have picked up all the corrections sent to me but please let me know if you spot anymore.

I also received a few stories that I am in the process of embellishing, sorry, copying over to pages ready to be added to the website.


The posters about bands in the Exeter area have nudged a few memories and people have recalled some of the bands they saw whilst at College, including those at the Uni, or at Rolle, etc.
Ian McPhee remembers seeing King Crimson at the University and also a Focus concert where they were third on the bill to Stone the Crows and the Edgar Broughton band. Caravan and Juicy Lucy were at the SU Bar, whilst Medicine Head were playing at a freshers ball
I received a cluster of information about ex-Killertonions who married girlfriends from Rolle College. These include:
  • Steve Hatton (1970) Chris Horner
  • Richard Heale (1970): Christine Hudson (15years)
  • George Burford (1966): Elaine Small – raffle prize
  • Ian Jones (1965: Liz
  • Tony Clarke (1966): Eileen
  • Ian Godwin (1971): Lynne
  • Frank Curnow (1966) Jane Bee
  • Tim Dunsby (1966) Linda Goodenough
I’m sure there are more.
Another question that popped up during the last Zoom meeting was a query about who went into teaching and who found a career elsewhere.
Once again, I know a couple of people, but if anyone would like to add their own or others situation when leaving college, I’ll happily share. Two I know of who didn’t go into teaching or work involving children/students, are:
  • Dick Henley 1967 – entered the commercial world
  • Dave Kitchen 1970 - Interior design


I’ve mentioned The Killerton Mountain Boys Jug Band several times and there are photos of them performing on the website. Alongside a couple of the images are some of the names. More details are coming to light:
  • George Burford – Harminaca
  • Tony Clarke – Kazoo
  • Paul Edginton
  • Eric Morse
  • Dave Treharne


Wednesday seemed to bump into a lot of parish council meetings, scout meetings, governors’ meetings, etc so I thought I’d try Mondays. Hence, the next Zoom meeting is set for 12th April starting around 7:00pm   

Meeting ID:772 430 9191  

Password: berlin


Or click on this link;                           Zoom meeting


... and finally:

I have had a few emails “bounced”, so if anyone has contact details for Richard Allard or Tim Gregory perhaps you could contact them and ask for their new address.

Emails to Roger Dickson, Nigel Webb, Keith Heather and Pat Barrett also “soft bounced” that means they may not have received the email.

... and a link that may be of interest to some:


... and really finally:
The Cricket!
We are still booked in for our annual match against Broadclyst CC, at Killerton, on Sunday 20th June starting at 2:00pm.
As the weekend is likely to be a little less free than in previous years it has been suggested that we concentrate on the Sunday.
Rather than focus the weekend in Thorverton and the Fisherman's Cot it is suggested that we base ourselves in Exeter to give ourselves easy access to Killerton.
Earlier last year when the Luke's Loughborough match was on a few of us booked into the Exeter Premier Inn, "Exeter (M5 J29) - Fitzroy Road, EX1 3LJ. It is just off the M5 motorway.

Taff and Eyrli and Chris and I plan to arrive there around mid-day on the Saturday for two nights. We would welcome meeting up with others.
Now the match. As mentined in previous missives, John Morgan is looking for players. Whilst notionally it is a team of Killerton Exiles, he/we would welcome some younger first or even second generation Killertonions.
Please contact John if you or your off-spring are likely to be available.

Medical aids can be provided.