Killerton Old Boys

Zoom Reminder

4th March 2021

Following on from my last email I recieved even more anecdotes from people. I have added their stories to the website, mainly in the "Killertonions - Then and Now" section.
The frontpage of the website has had few updates.
A few email have bounced recently, probably people who have change their email address. If anyone is in conttact with Kevin Deadman, Charles Dodd or Tim Gregory, perhaps you can drop them or me an message.
Any updates or corrections to the “Killertonions - The and Now” would be appreciated.
A few people also recalled some of the bands that they recall having played at Killerton, Hopefully these names might jog a few more memories.:


 mid 60s             Manfredd Mann
  • 68            Marmalade
  • 69            Nashville Teens
  • 70            Amen Corner
  • 71            Paladin,  Medicine Head
  • 72            Emperor Rosko
  • 73           Tremeloes,  Gary More


The main purpose of this email is to remind you that I have scheduled a Zoom meeting for next week for those interested, either follow this link


or, if you have Zoom installed than here are the details:

Meeting ID: 772 430 9191
Passcode: killerton

Wednesday March 10th, 7:00pm GMT


In the meantime, I wish you all the very best.