Haden Donovan - 2018

Haden was in touch with me fairly regularly in the few years before his death, indeed, he had started on the journey to join us as the Killerton Cricket match in 2017 but suffered a breakdown on route.

Haden did send a few notes about a some colleauges at Killerton:

Bob, an ex soldier who joined Killerton in 1966, but left college after one year because he found college P.E. lecturers not as good as he had expected. He had been a PTI in the army and felt he knew more than they did!

Chris Way  was probably "the best footballer of my time - a regular in Luke's 1st. XL and on the books of a league team".

Andy Hollins 1968 was in the 1st. XV at Lukes and later played for Bedford. Had had attended Staffordshire County training sessions with Haden before they came to Luke's.


Following Hayden's death in 2018, I managed to find these few words:


Peter Cloke recalls:

"... Haden Donovon's brother David was a drummer in the 60’s and 70’s, and probably beyond, who played with Roy Wood and associated bands - the Move and Wizard etc. I believe that Haden was involved with Slade..."


... from the web:

 ... written by a Slade fan about meeting .."... DDon (presumably a friend) had been given free passes from Haden Donovan (Slade roadie who was working as Road Manager for The Jets) - and I went with him to enjoy the free show."

.. and another site: "... Swinn thus took charge of a road crew that supported Slade for the next 15 years and included their sound man Charlie – “Full poke, Charlie!” – Newham, Johnny Jones, known as JJ, Hayden Donovan and Scotsman Robbie Wilson, “whose wilful disregard for conventional behaviour became a constant source of amusement for the touring party"

... and final, clearly Haden was well involved because on a third website: by 1984 ”Haden Donovan (Slade Roadie / Tour Manager) was now at the helm ..."