Where's my work Mr Savage


There once was a history student who, for the sake of this note we’ll call him Paul.

Now Paul had devised a strategy for getting by with the minimum of work. His plan was to submit the essays written by a student who had followed the course the year before.

Etypewriterach week, he would borrow the essays from a second year history student, take them to a typist who would type them up for him. He would  then hand them in as his own work.

This worked admirably for several weeks, until one occasion, the work had been typed and submitted as normal, but when the essays had been returned, Paul was left empty handed.

“Mr Savage” he called, “Where’s my work”. 

“Not here” Mr Savage replied  ”I only have one essay left, and that was submitted by John Pye, who as I recall was in my group last year. His name is typed quite clearly at the top of the page”.

Paul received nil poi for that essay, and a promise to himself to ensure that it was his name on the essay in future and any other names had been removed.