Doris saves the day


Jasper Haynes joined Killerton in 1971.


He was abit of character having travelled for a year or two around  France before returning to St Luke's to continue his studies - well, for one year anyway.


When we arrived back in the September of that year, at the introductory house meeting, Jack Goodall advised all present that during the summer they had discovered a hornets nest in the shrubbery around the house and, whilst the nest had been treated, there were still a large number of hornets flying around.


Most people kept a wary eye out for them and avoided them if possible. Not Jasper. He went looking for them and after just a few days had four of five of them pinned to a notice on his door boasting "Jasper Haynes - Hornet Killer".


He started to grow a few plants in pots on the window sill in his room. They needed tender nurturing so he persuaded Doris (who I’m sure was probably at Killerton when Sir Richard was a boy, and as far I know may well still be there) to water his plants in exchange for couple of No 6. Of course, the plants were of the herbal variety. Owing to the care and attention they received, mainly from Doris, I am assured the plants produced a bumper crop.