A Kangaroo Court


kangaroo court 3

Not normally noted for his disregard of rules and regulations, it was with some surprise that senior members of the House were made aware of Monty Hannant's complete disregard of his own and other's safety.

His accuser, Ralph Bates had observed Hannant cycling at high speed down the main Killerton drive.

A court hearing was convened in the library where presiding judge Tim Cottle over saw proceedings.

The prosecution went to great lengths to point out that Hannant was guilty, not only of this deed, but many others, citing the incident recently where Hannant was stopped by the local constabulary driving his supercharged A35 through Broadclyst at the dizzying speeds of 36mph. Even the local police officers conceded they'd never seen a car going at that speed through Broadclyst in many years, not since they'd removed the need for a read flag!

The defence lawyer, Vijay Daswani, after hearing the evidence persuaded the defendent to plead guilty saying "yoo dun it! - get over it!"

Recording secretary Neil Blewett, faced with such a complete disregard for the law was at a loss to make any comment.

Hannant was found guilty!

Judge Cottle was unable to find any mitigating circumstances and was therefore bound to impose the maximum penalty.

Hannant was taken from the room to a place where sentence could be carried out.

At sunset that day, Hannant was forced to drink a complete pint in one!

kangaroo court 2

kangaroo court 2