Sir Richard LetterHOUSE OF COMMONS







Dear Sir or Madam,

You will probably have heard that Lady Acland and I decided to give the whole of the Killerton and Holnicote estates to the National Trust.

I want to take this first opportunity of assuring you that this will make no difference to the position of any of our tenants. The estate will continue to be managed, as before, from the Holnicote estate office, and Mr. Wilkes will continue to act as agent during the war.

Though we shall no longer own it, Lady Acland and I do not intend to sever our personal connection With the Holnicote estate. We do not believe that the friendly relations which have existed in the past between members of Our family and our tenants at Holnicote have depended wholly even mainly on the fact that We have owned, the Property. We see no reason therefore, whey they should cease when the estate is no longer legally ours.

Yours sincerely

Richard Acland