Killerton Bonfire Parties


It has been mentioned that Bonfire Parties were sometimes held Killerton in November each year.

It has been difficult to find any supporting evidence, or indeed, any reports of any of these events.

One rumoured story has arisen apparently taking place in November 1970.

This story relates to a student, let's call him "Taffy" (to hide his true identity)

Having only arrived a few weeks earlier, "Taffy" joined others as they made their way to the bonfire.

He was young and innocent and new to the ways of the world.

He joined others and was introduced to strong drinking strong liquors.

He recalls a bus arriving in the car park, with lots of young ladies on board.

It is unclear where the bus arrived from but the ladies were happy to join the celebrations.

As the evening progressed and more alcohol was imbibed, Taffy entertained one of the young ladies with his stories of sporting prowess.

At the end of the evening, “Taffy” escorted his companion back to the car park to find her transport home. As they were saying their goodbyes, “Taffy” felt a little unsteady and leant against the bus for (moral?) support. As he leaned forward to give a parting kiss on the check to his partner, his control left him and he slid gracefully to the floor, still resting against the bus.

A witness (name and address withheld) standing nearby reported that the young lady was gracious enough to grab “Taffy” by the shirt front, lift him to his fit, give him a perfunctory kiss on the check, drop him back on the floor and then step on the bus.