... and of Sir Richard ...

Hospitality was by-word for Killerton and the Sunday lunchtime sherry with Sir Richard and Lady Anne prior to dinner was a regular feature of early days. It has been revealed that the sherry was provided from a cask (rather than bottles – I guess this means that Sir Richard was buying in bulk).

As is the norm on such occasions, inevitably a challenge evolved and one such challenge was to see who could have the most glasses of sherry. Apparently the record stands at 10 – claimed by Ian Jones.

As it was a semi formal event, guests would often be invited to join the House for Sunday lunch.  One such occasion in ‘66, the Minister for Health - Kenneth Robinson was invited by Sir Richard. To the amusement of many, Kenneth Robinson was a very heavy smoker.


Tales of Sir Richard abound, especially his tolerance for disturbances late at night. Eric Morse was playing the piano in the music room late one evening to accompany a late-night drinking session. Eventually Dickie came down to “complain”. The contrite party apologised profusely and offered him a night cap, which of course, Dickie accepted. Much, much later Lady Anne arrived recover Dickie and to close the party.


It was common for students to be invited to have a game of squash with 'Dickie '. He would feing weariness and then go on to beat the unsuspecting opponent.