Car crashes on way from Edie's


The pub at Bradnich - officially “Ye Olde White Lion”, or more commonly “Edie’s” was a regular haunt for Killertonions looking for a (cheap) night out. The piano there was a magnet for entertainers happy to stroke the tobacco-stained ivories on the off-chance of being looked after with a free pint or two.

Chris Davis of The Killerton Mountain Boys Jug Band fame was frequently enticed to play there.

On one such occasion, the drinks were even more plentiful than normal but unfortunately Chris was driving. On the way back to Killerton he parked his car very firmly in a grass bank, writing-off the car, a brand new Vauxhall Viva.

Malcolm Carlyon was in the rear seat of the car sitting directly behind Hayden Donovan. Without the restraint of a seat belt, his sudden forward motion assisted in projecting Hayden Donovan through the windscreen. Malcolm dislocated his knee in the process. Andy Clark, the other passenger in the car was unhurt. "It was a miracle we all got out alive".

This course of events was repeated a few years later when Liverpudlian Steve Owens manages to repeat the story, writing off his own car, resulting with him ending with a night in hospital with minor cuts and bruises.