Happy Volunteers - Gavin Luke


In 67-68  my mate Andrew Gowing and I used to help out at Killerton. We were residents on the estate. I lived with my father my father, Ivor Luke, who worked for the estate for many years and lived at Francis Court Farm (can still be seen from the house)

We ran the lines for the football club and help mark out the pitch. We were otherwise known as Killerton's water supply ! WE also made a few pennies by washing boots.

I remember Adam Lubanski , Murray Kitson and John Pye. Alll great sportsmen.

They encouraged us to take part in all activities, including helping man the gates for the Killerton Hop - I wonder if anyone else remembers how the queues going back to the main road ?

Another event was the driving of the bus into the ha- ha by a local villain (no names no pack drill) (at last, more details are coming to light! steve)

I remember Colin Glue who ran the bar keeping the guys happy - we used to help out with the 'catering' after a match

John Oliver / Paul Hudson (who married Andrew's sister) were active in the local community and church.

Dave Rushworth and the late Keith Derbyshire encouraged me to join in the climbing club - anyone remember Scott Titt lol

Who remembers the fire at a local cottage when the guys literally went into the buildings to save the furniture ?

I have many memoried of Sir Richard and Lady Acland both pre and post the college days.

There were others but old age has faded my memory - I suspect I'm not the only one - but if any old boy's remember us they could me - Steve has my  email address.