Angels and Paul


For the sake preserving anonymity, we'll call the main character in this story Paul .

Killerton House was mainly staffed by people from the nearby villages.

The kitchen and dining room had quite a fast turnover in staff - I guess working for the Thomas' was never going to be easy.

At one point in time, one of the serving staff in the dining room was a not unattractive young lady. This young lady, let's call her "Sandra", caught the Paul's eye.

Over a few days, there was a certain amount of banter during meal times between Paul and Sandra.

Eventually, Paul invited Sandra to experience the social life that Killerton had to offer.

Unbeknown to “Paul”, Sandra was already seeing a young gentleman from the nearby town - let's call him "Terry". Terry heard of Paul’s involvement with his Sandra and suspected that Paul's intentions were not simply to show Sandra where the squash court was hand how to play ball, or indeed to show her the delights of the adult section of the Library.

That evening Terry decided to pop into Killerton and have a quiet chat with Paul.

Now Terry had a number of close friends. These friends referred to themselves collectively as “A Chapter”, and their Badge1.jpgmode of transport was large motorcycles.

Terry arrived and enquire after Paul and Sandra. Paul was found and presented himself at the front door.

Fortunately, It appears that when this angelic host arrived on the drive to chat with Paul that their Bikers.jpgarrival, they had used the noisy cattle grid and this had aroused a number of slumbering students in their rooms adjacent to the car park. Thus awoken they stumbled to the front door to remonstrate with the culprits.

The appearance of a large number of grumpy and disturbed students behind Paul was sufficient to persuade Terry and his angelic friends to settle their disagreement peacefully. Sandra left with Terry. Paul went (back) to bed and what might have been a very distasteful situation was defused.