A Leaver in 1970. My memories. 50 Years On


I was in the cohort of Students who in 1967 started at St. Luke’s College and were extremely lucky to be put into Hall of Residence at Killerton. I think we were an incredibly special group because I am sure there were well over 10 of us who spent all our three years at Killerton.murray kitson 2S

Now I would like to recount the memories I have of twelve of my fellow students. There are many names on the list on the Killerton Memories Website, names I remember but who I cannot really recall or say anything about. I do apologise to all who started with me in 1967 who I will not mention below. I would be most grateful if other people could add to this Article, or amend any errors I have made

I am Murray Kitson. I came to St Luke’s and Killerton from Harlow in Essex, and where I returned to teach for all but two years of my Teaching Career. From 1972 to 1974 I did live in Milton Keynes, teaching in Newport Pagnell.

I will just go through in alphabetical order:


PETER CLOKE; Peter was the College Captain in Rowing and I believe his first post was at Millfield School coaching Rowing. I do know there were several from Killerton who Peter got Rowing in our Final Term at Luke’s, and we even took part in a Competition on the Plym in Plymouth.

GERRY COURT; Gerry came from Teignmouth in Devon where he continued to play for the Town Rugby Club, rather than try to play for the College. He did arrange at least one fixture for the Killerton Rugby Team, giving us stiffer opposition than most teams we played.

HOWARD COWLEY; Howard was one of the three Killerton Proctors in Year Three. The son of a Baptist Minister from Bristol, he was an excellent Soccer Player and prominent player in the Killerton Football Team.

RICHARD HENLEY; Richard I believe came from Newport in the Isle of Wight. It is interesting to see he spent Time in Canada. Is he still there?

DAVID CLEMENTS; I shared a bedroom with David in my first year at Killerton. He was a prominent member of the College Chapel Choir, but also took on the responsibility of running the Bar at Killerton. This was fortunate for both of us as it meant we got individual Bedrooms thereafter.

BRIAN DIBB; I have it in my mind that Brian came from Huddersfield, but that may be completely wrong. He certainly came from Yorkshire with a great sense of humour.

DAVID GEORGE; David must have been 40 years ahead of times. When most of us had Grants of various sizes, David’s father had to pay for David’s Tuition!!!! David was extremely popular with many of us because he drove a Land Rover, which meant there were times when we didn’t have to take the early morning bus into College or get the late afternoon bus back to Killerton. I must now apologise to David because I am sure I never offered to give you any money for the fuel you used!

COLIN GLUE; Colin came from Southampton. I am afraid he was probably a bit too keen on his beer certainly in our first term at College! BUT Colin was a great friend. He worked “his socks off” at any of our Social Functions in the Bar. As a Character he was great. His nickname because of his surname was “Sticky”, but he was the sort of person who stuck us all together. I imagine a brilliant Teacher.

ANDY GORDON; Andy was the second of the Proctors in Year Three. I recall that he came from Bromley in Kent, and I am sure he played Hockey for the College.

ALAN HALLIWELL; sorry, I have not much to say about Alan but I do remember that he came (as it says on the Website) from Wigan.

MICK WAGHORN; Mick was the third of our Proctors in Year Three. I think he was regarded as the Senior one, which actually suited as he was older than most of us. I believe he had worked in a Bank for a period before coming to College. He was a keen footballer and a particularly good cricketer. Mick came from Bexhill, and in our third year we had a great weekend travelling to Bexhill for our Football Team to play a game there. I think we narrowly lost, but it was a great game. Mick is one who like me enjoyed learning to Row in our Final Term.

TERRY WILMOTT; Terry came from Bristol. I am sorry Terry but all I can remember of you is that you had an extraordinarily strong accent (unlike say Howard Cowley). I believe you would have pronounced “BRISTOL” more like “BRIZZLE”!

Now I said at the beginning, these are only the things I remember now 50 years on. I do apologise if I have actually got things wrong. I also apologise that there are a large number of people I have not mentioned. Now I finished in 1970 with just the Certificate in Education. There must be some from the 1967 Cohort who went on to the Degree, who it would be interesting to learn about.



In response, Dick Henley notes:

Although pretty much a non drinker Murray didn't mention that he could down a pint in seconds and was a critical member of any 'boatrace' team.