Buyer Beware



I can’t remember the actual date but it would have been towards the end of Year 1.

Anyway it was my first teaching practice placement and was at Uffculme Secondary School, a few miles north of Cullompton.

I got on well there with the staff including the headmaster. I used to drive to Uffculme from Killerton.

The end of term was approaching and the head mentioned his wife was looking for a car. I asked him if he wanted to buy mine as I was planning to replace it in the following holiday.

We agreed on £100. Exact dates when he paid and took the car are are not clear,  but the sale was agreed and he took ownership of the car.

A couple of days before the placement finished he told me he wanted the money back as the axel (think it was the axel) had broken and was not worth the repair cost.

Long story short I bunked off the last couple of days, thought there may be all sorts of repercussions,  but amazingly never heard any more about it.