Walks on a Sunday 2

Steve Hatton


Avoiding the beach at all costs following our experiences the previous weekend, we once again went out for Sunday afternoon jaunt with Martin. This time we headed off West.

We had a pleasant drive through Dartmoor, once again, a cold but dry and sunny afternoon. We eventually found a car park that looked inviting and parked up and wrapped up ready for a walk.

We went through some woods and came across a very picturesque river. We walked a short way along the bank, just chatting and admiring the beauty and stillness of the place. We reached what looked like a small weir across the river and decided to cross. The river was probably a foot or two down from the level of the footpath.

Lopwell DamI don’t know for certain where we were, but I think it may have been Lopwell Dam in the River Tavy. If it wasn’t this dam, it was one very similar to it.

We reached the other side and walked along the footpath alongside the river for perhaps a mile or so. As the afternoon was slipping by we turned and walked back to the weir. We could just see it. I would appear that the river to the South of the weir is tidal! In the time we had been walking, the water level had now risen – to cover the footpath!

Once again we were obliged to paddle shin deep through exceptionally cold water, feeling our way across the now submerged footpath. Once again we were obliged to sit dripping in a car with no heater for the return journey to Killerton where we could dry out!

Chris and I were very grateful to Martin for taking us with him on the sorties into the Devon country side – but we did decide that perhaps we’d decline any future invitations!