My Austin Healey Sprite

John Brand

Prior to starting at St Luke's I had worked unusual hours for a local minibus & car hire company, for not much money!

3a Dusty & A-Healey Sprite Mk.2, Brampford Speke 3.3.74. - 200jpg.jpgI did, however, earn enough to be able to buy my Austin Healey Sprite. It was a Mk.2 with crazed perspex windows and certainly not the more glamourous "frog-eyes" (of the Mk.1)!
It wasn't in great condition when I bought it but it limped through my time as a student. 
Taffy will remember the rear "seat"/parcel shelf! After a hockey match (kitted out in our immaculate red rugby "league"(?) shirts) - in which we lost to the girls of St Loye's (running around in jeans & other casual wear!), I offered a lift to a young lady - one of the Loyes' students.  Why I did that, I don't know(!) but I still remember the look of horror on Taffy's face - three people? So the car was a genuine 3 seater?
I should point out that this young lady was was later to become my wife.


I don't have many photos of the Sprite - this one was taken, with "Dusty" at a farm at Brampford Speke "post-Killerton" just before I sold it on. I couldn't work out where the rust ended and the mud began, but it did me well thoughoutthe four years I owned it.