The Killerton Coach

One of the problems with living at Killerton was that we were 6 miles from College!

In  a time when cars were seen as a rather expensive luxury most students needed transport to get into College. The College provided a bus every day, leaving Killerton car park at 8:15 in the morning for the run into Heavitree. A coach would depart from outside the College at around 6 in the evening to arrive back at Killerton in time for dinner.

Obviously as the years went by, students became a little more affluent and motoring became relatively cheap, many students had their own cars and the college bus was often driving back and forth empty - except of course for Robin and Miriam Thomas, Dennis Thomas' children - who used it regularly to go into school.

As cars became more popular, people were able to go into college at more convenient times, usually offering lifts to students without cars. The average "charge" for a lift into college was 5p.