Black Boris

related by Johhny Pye

BorisThe Killerton transport department is always worthy of mention. Milko Drinkwater’s Ford Anglia 100E, Boris, was a “nice little runner”.

It was fine when under normal load, two, three, or even four large students could be transported in reasonable comfort and reliability. However, if, as happened on one occasion, it was loaded with six rugby players – and their kit – poor Boris felt  the strain and laboured a little.

He managed to pull away well enough, and once he was rolling Boris only needed a little power to maintain the momentum, just a matter of avoiding any gradients.

The problem came when Milko wanted to stop Boris … in a hurry!  Basically, it didn’t happen.

Fortunately, he found he had a vehicle in front of him that was kind enough to help him to slow down, albeit an unintentional assist.