Plumbing Problems

Killerton was an old house and had suffered many changes over the years. When it was converted for use as a Killierto B&Wstudent hall or residence there were several more changes that needed to be implemented, not least of all to the plumbing services.

Probably this biggest oversight was failing to put toilets anywhere near the bar, but I notice now that 40 years on the plant life has at last recovered in the region of the garden by the doors to what is now a café!

On one occasion, the normal pipework failed to keep up with the demands of 50 students on a “healthy Dennis Thomas” diet. The best way of describing it – the pipes were bunged up! In terms of waste management, nothing was leaving Killerton.

Sir Richard entered the dining room during Dinner and addressed the members of the house and explained the situation. He suggested that our normal procedure used in the bar could be used elsewhere.

One person suggested this was OK for fluid disposal but there could be otherwaste matters that needed attention,

Sir Richard – never one to be phased – with his crooked fore finger near his lip in his normal pose, with the other arm he gave a sweeping gesture towards the windows indicating the gardens and Said “Gentlemen, you must do it over Devon!”