My Welcome Letter - Dai Griffiths


I never realised at the time how priviledged I was to be one of the chosen few.

Jack wrote another letter to my mum when I left Killerton,she was a bit upset at the time,he mentioned I liked a drink or two which at the time made me think of pot, kettle and black - but I appreciate he took the time and effort. He was always a patient, kind and considerate man.

My mum's still got the letter. She's 85 and a real character. She had an op 10 years ago to remove a 14lb growth with half her liver, ravaged by whiskey I think (she could always drink me under the table but often performed in drink]. Like me she is a former clubman of the year at Milford Haven RFC where she is very popular if a somewhat vocal supporter.

Here's the welcome letter I received from Jack prior to arriving at Killerton in 1971.