The Room 16 Tea Tray - a Tray of Memories

David Banks


David Banks has just sent through these photos of a couple of pieces of memoraboilia rescued when Killerton "closed" in 1977.

The first is a tray "signed" by the proctors who resided in Room 16 on Budwing. The inscription(s) read:

 Presented by D Hampson      1964-67
To      J Pountain
  1965 -68
M Cronshaw
  1966 -69
A Gordon
A Lubanski
R H Dickson
P A Nation   1970-73
Chris Heaume   1971-74
Rog Shipp   1972-75
Ade Wotton   1973-76
Dave Banks   1974-77



The other item is a (very clean and well loved and well polished) bell.

Apparently in Killerton times it was used in the bar for calling time (not that anyone took any notice of such things!).

The original source of the bell is unkown - perhaps someone out there knows otherwise.