Bar Nights and Bar Games


The bar was reasonably well stocked and maintained a reasonable range of beers and spirits.

The prices were such that there was always a profit. As we had no overheads this money was returned to the members of the house by way of cheap evenings.

At irregular intervals or on special occasions, the Head Barman would announce there was to be a cheap evening. Beer would be sold at 5p a pint rather than the more normal 12p. This would inevitably encourage a large number of members to arrive at the bar shortly after dinner, acquire their first pint and take up positions around the tables. At that point, inevitably a self-appointed chairman would call those present to form a circle and the games would begin!

The bar games had fairly loose rules and were dependent on the chairman of the evening.

There were a number of games that were played, details are to be found elsewhere, suffice to say that any error by any of the players would automatically bring on a penalty –usually “drink a dimple”.

The end of the evening normally ended up with a song or two, rounded off with the Luke’s Medly


Games included: Buzz, Fizz-Buzz, Click-Clack, Bunny Rabbits, Heigh Ho, Names of,   ...

... rules to follow (if anyone can remember ...)


Howard Langley, Chris Trueman, Taffy Thomas and the chairman: Johnny Pye

Dave Handyside, Taffy Thomas, Chris Trueman and John Pye.

Not a sceance put a game!