Killerton 2016


The weather threated to spoil the weekend. but then it is the Glastonbury Weekend and the start of Wimbledon. However, us Killertonians are made of sterner stuff and as Denise Melluish pointed out, ".. you always bring the sunshine to the Killerton .."

Some started the weekend on Friday and a meet in the Odd Fellows in Exmouth. This gave us an opportunity to see how sad Rolle looks now, and the demise of the Deer Leap into a dive called "The Bath House". It also gave Chris an opportunity to see 54 Bicton Street, a home for several young ladies over the years.

Saturday morning and a visit to A La Ronda in Lympstone and then back to the Lamb for the Afternoon where a drink or two was partaken before sitting down for a meal in the evening once all were assembled.

Sunday morning and our pilgrimage to visit the trees we planted in memory of Sir Richard, Lady Anne, Pat and Jack Goodall, and in memory of the students no longer with us.

Our welcome at the House was even more warm than in the past. It seems that all the guides are now aware of our part in the history.

A lunch in the cafe and then a fantastic (if slightly moist) afternoon of cricket. I have no need to remind you that we won!

Photos in the Gallery: Gallery

The match report is here:  JB's Report

And a video is here: YouTube Video