2013 - Exeter Gathering - Apologies

In the lead up to our get-together in 2013 I received a number of emails from people who were unable to attend. I did bring the list along in order to pass on the many messages but, like a lot of these things I don't think I showed them to anybody. Herewith are the messages. Apologies to both senders and intended recipients for their late delivery: 

Gary Page:                            

Have fun boys and take lots of pictures! Busy slogging away in New York. I wonder if Jem can recall eating a candle, yes a candle in order to sate the affect of the phal heavyweight he was coerced into eating one boozy night at the Ganges!

 Ahh “ come on icecream! “

 Best of luck to all attendees and enjoy your time together!

Chris Chivers                        

I have been hoping to have a space to make the reunion this year, but there are a couple of family issues bubbling which may need our support and possibly the bank of Dad. It is the problem with having six children between us, always the chance that one will need something. Add in five grandchildren and it is sometimes a wonder that we have any time to ourselves.
I hope that all the plans come together as well as they did last year and that the gathering is a celebration  of the 40 years since your group left Lukes. For me that's next year.

Paul Nation:                         

Sorry I can’t be with you, have a great time.

I am in final term before doing some part time consultancy work next September - supposedly winding down!

Gerry Kendrick:                  

Thanks for keeping me in the loop.  I shall still be away on holiday that weekend (but thinking of you all....).  

Best Wishes to one and all.

Roger Dickson:                    

Sorry to say that Angela and I will not be at the reunion 31st – 2nd June. It is as you know the half term and we shall be visiting Angela’s Dad. However, Angela is retiring this term so in the future we shall be far more flexible with dates for doing things.

I would really have liked to see Pete Cloke again. Please give him my very best wishes.

Enjoy the reunion, shall be thinking about you all.

Derek Heath:                       

I will be sunning myself in Gran Canaria that week.

Hope it all goes well and much fun is had by all.

Looking forward to seeing the pics on the website.

Gerry Humphries:               

I do hope you all have a grand time and I send my very best wishes to you all and especially to you Steve.
If you all work up to do  a 'boat race' against the other diners at the Ganges have a pint for me!!

Nigel Webb:                         

At 1/2 term we are going to Turkey - I know we go away every holiday but when you look at what has happened to Peter it makes even more determined to enjoy every moment now.

We now have a new head started this term and this may well determine how much longer I will go on for. Year 11s still scatter when they see me so I haven't lost it yet, but I will be 60 next Easter. I might have got older but I still haven't grown up!

Catch up with you soon.

have a great time. Hopefully I will be slightly warmer in Turkey!

Dai Griffiths:                         

Steve, still can’t commit to Exeter at the moment my son is getting married in Scotland where we have family so we may stay up there an extra week, will let you know as soon as possible but have friends near Exeter so might make it after all. I hear there are a few thousand English Grand Slam t-shirts going cheap if anyone can get me one I would be grateful, cheers, Dai Griff ps will send a copy of the College mag John Mitchell got me to write a Lukes v Loughboro preview and that ultimately led to me becoming a reporter for the West Wales Mercury some 30 years later

Just leaving for Scotland for son’s wedding celebrations. They been extended so won’t be able to come to Exeter, please pass on my regards to everyone, hopefully next year, cheers, Dai and Karen

Adrian Wotton:                   

It’s decision time for us in the next month or two.  We finish this summer or take a few months off, return here in November and then finish in April or May next year.  Seems we say every year will be our last here and then we get talked into ‘just one more’.  Not that this is a hardship; we live well, have our boat at the bottom of the garden, beer is around 2.30 a pint at the expat clubs and the working day is often from 7.30- 2.00.  Add no income tax and a lot of sunshine and I can understand why people at home wonder why we would ever leave, but in answer to your question, no we won’t stay here once we retire.  We have three grown up girls in the UK and insha’allah one day we ought to have some grandchildren to think about.  So although this year’s event is not a possibility for me, I really hope that it will be possible next year.  Interesting that none of my year group or later have joined in – I’ll try to drum up some interest as it’s 40 years this year that we started at Luke’s (Killerton)

I hope the summer reunion is a success

Terry Fox:                             

Thanks for the update, but I am in Iraq at the moment and do not expect to be back in the UK until 7 or 8 June.

Trust you will have a wonderful visit and will be thinking of you all.

I am working as airport director on an airport investment project in Najaf, Southern Iraq.  We are building new terminal, runway, etc.; big job with 20 year contract to run the airport...should see me into retirement!

Roger Herd:                         

Shock horror not going to make it this year. We have been invited to a wedding on a campsite in Italy! We are hoping to drive "Vera" down to Lido De Jessollo leaving on 30 May, stay for a week then take 2-3 weeks to drive back through France.  Will have to make up for it at some other time in the year. After yesterday's result glad to miss the Wesh comments! Love to all.

Chris Heume                        

Have a brilliant time Steve.

We're in the middle of packing, decorating, and interviewing lodgers to fund our travels.....Satoshi starts work in Dusseldorf in early June; I go a bit after....

Tim Cottle and Flavia          

It is with great sadness and regret that Flavia and I will not be attending the Exeter reunion next week. Circumstances beyond our control have made it impossible to make the weekend, which we had been looking forward to all year. Please pass on our best wishes and love to everyone.

Martin and Sylvy Field        

I suspect that by the time you read this we will be away in France, another cycling holiday through the lanes and small roads, passing through villages and towns and ... Stopping off for coffee and other refreshments! Though having seen the weather forecast I suspect it will be a damp cycle ride. However with 58 of us (not all cycling in a pellaton!) it is bound to be a good time.

Immediately on our return we are off again! Phew this retirement lark is bloody tiring! 

It is for this reason that very sadly we won't be with you all at the reunion weekend. A great pity as we have so enjoyed meeting up with everyone... and as you say it is better to be with you that be talked about by you!!!!  Apologies for such a delay in confirming whether or not we would be attending.

We hope the weekend goes really well, regards to all and, if not before here's to 2014! 

Keith Sharky:                       

Sorry I can't be there but have a great time and say hello to all the guys

Best regards and keep up the good work 

Paul Goodwin:                     

I do my first tour of this year starting on Saturday, a 7 day tour of Poland with Nieszka and with a Travel and Tourism student who is with us on a 6 month work placement with us from York Uni. 

We now have two more full time guides Kamila Chomicz  and Desiree (Disi) Vercietti. Kamila is Polish and Disi is Italian. We pinched her from Thomson!!!

I also wanted to wish you all a fabulous weekend and ask you to pass on my regards to everyone. I was hoping to grab a break for this weekend but having only just gone back I could hardly have a break now. I am also eager to get back on tour and get back to our normal routine again. Nieszka says I will have the break next year!!! 

I come back to UK on 24th June for a week, then back to Poland for a 1 week tour before coming back to UK for a month to do two 2 week tours for Poles in UK. 

Dave Halford                        

Sorry but I won't be able to make it this weekend. Chris Thomas and I were going to come down in his camper van but various things have unfortunately put paid to our plans. Give our regards to everyone, I'm sure the Ganges evening will re-kindle a lot of memories!

All the best

Dave Robins                         

Steve,This is a bit late, I know! Unfortunately I can't make it this year for various reasons. My best wishes to all who do and, hopefully, next year, Cath and I will be able to be there. All the best.

Baz Chipp                              

Bit of bad news I'm afraid.  Julie's mother died last week and the funeral has been arranged for Friday.  I have, therefore, had to cancel my room booking at Jurys Inn for Friday night. I'm not sure yet whether I'll get to Killerton on the Saturday; I'll have to see how things go.

Please pass on my apologies to the lads.

Best wishes,

Mal Fisher                            

Couldn't make this weekend due to my work commitment so we arranged to call in last weekend. Beautiful weather as you can see, they had a classic car rally at Killerton on Sunday. We met a very interesting bloke in the Lamb at Silverton. He is a bit of a local historian, having written a book on Silverton and developed  a website about the village. He even produced a photo of one of Oggie's girlfriends. Who was Lady of the Week back in 1970. The website is called www.silvertonlocalhistory.co.uk if you might be interested in having a look. Not sure if there is much regarding Killerton mentioned. Hope you all have a good trip.