A Thought for Christmas - Dick Henley

The Breath Test came in on October 1967. Sir Richard called us all together to make sure we knew the consequences. Previous to that the constabulary could make a judgement call based on your ability to walk a straight line! (usually down the white line in the middle of the road)...... Hell; those were the days.

I thought I would pass on my recent experience from our annual office party in Downtown Toronto.  We have this program here called R.I.D.E which runs until January 2nd, it stands for 'Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere' and the police set up random roadblocks to give a breath test to any driver going down the road and you never know the location, so driving is risky if you are a drinking man.

A couple of days age we all went out for a great dinner and drinks. I had several cocktails, wine with the meal and a couple of cognacs to follow up with the coffee.

I'm sure that we have all had a brush with the law after an evening out with our social friends, but on this occasion I was feeling pissed enough to know I should not drive my car home...... For the first time ever I decided to take a cab.

Sure enough we ran in to a police road block, but being a cab they waived it through.... I arrived home safe and sound.

Quite surprising really, since I had never driven a cab before.

I don't know where I got it, and now it's in my garage, I don't know what to do with it........Just another problem for 2014.


Dick Henley