UPDATE ON 50 YEAR REUNION: in the last couple of weeks we have made significant progress in the planning of the 50th Reunion of Saint Luke's Old Boys and Girls who attended the college in 1975 or 2 years either side of this.
The organizing committee of Julian Tagg, Arnie Blake, Neville Pritchard, Simon Whitehead, Felicty (Fizz) Carne, David Brooks, Rod Wiltshire and co have secured Reed Hall for our Reunion Celebration Dinner. A deposit has been paid, contract signed and date confirmed. Saturday April 26th 2025 evening exact time to be determined.
Exeter Events have been very pleasant to work with so far and the bonus is that accommodation will be available on campus at Holland Hall - en suite rooms with a cafeteria available etc..
Exeter Events will provide for our IT needs, a full bar, meal etc.
We can accommodate up to 140 but we need to get 100 on board - old boys/girls with or without partners.
Final cost per head will be worked on in the coming weeks and an Eventbrite site will be established about 12 months out.
  • The University "ambassador program" will provide tours of the present day Saint Luke's Campus and there will be various times to sign up for those spots.
  • Closer to the time, sporting events such as Chiefs Rugby, Exeter City Football, Hockey games, and University Sports Events will be publicized and will be available

  • Non Sporting events will be offered such as Cathedral Walks etc..

  • Golfing outings will be available

  • Friday night Pub outing will happen - walkers and canes not provided.

  • Alternative accommodation options will be advertised.

  • Send any pictures from our college days to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. be included in our powerpoint which we will loop at our Celebration Dinner