Photo Collection from 1972


Bob Ford's Photos: on the landing by Budwing, the snooker table
Ian, Dai Griffiths and Bob Ford   Ian, Roger Dickson, Bob Ford, Ian Godwin, Baz Chipp, Dai Griffiths
and half of Phil Jackson
Bob Ford 01   Bob Ford 02
Brian Hunt found these: 
The Car Park! My Zodiac with toolbox at the ready    
Brian Hunt 52   Brian Hunt 57
Monty Hannant found these: Theatrical involment at St Luke's
Monty Hannant   Chris Harris helpng back stage
Martin Hannant 22   Martin Hannant 29
A collection from Roger Dickson:
Roger Dickson 05   Roger Dickson 03
Roger Dickson 26   Roger Dickson 16
Roger Dickson 17   Roger Dickson 18
Roger Dickson 23