Photo Collection from 1965



Thanks to Bill Hembry for these photos of the Third Years Dinner
The meal took place in Sir Richard's flat
Sir Richard and Lady Anne, plus Dennis and Dorothy Thomas

Bill Hembry 01      Bill Hembry 02
Thanks to Bill Hembry, Ian Jones, Paul Edington, Malc Cronshaw and others for these photos.
One of the infamous "JUG Band" evenings
 Bill Hembry 04  Bill Hembry 08
 Paul Edington 09


A normal evening in the bar.

 Bill Hembry 03  Ian Jones 01


 Almost as infamous as the Jug Band - The bus to Rolle College

Bill Hembry 06


 A different type of Social Event.

The seating suggests a hostely rather than Killerton venue

Bill Hembry 07


 A rare personal photo of  Bill Hembry (after all, cameras were expensive in those days)

     Bill Hembry 05